About Me

Hello! My name is Olof Eggertsdottir and I’m a Life Coach. I have my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, but realized that what I really want to do is help people succeed in reaching their life goals–help them stop habits that aren’t serving them well anymore and start replacing them with habits that help them succeed.

I am a mother of 4 boys, wife to my best friend, and live in Tulsa, OK. I’m originally from Iceland, and lived in France for a few years in my late teens. My kids are very important to me, and finding balance between family and work is important too. I love helping others try to find that balance as well. In my search for balance I decided to become a certified Simplicity Parenting Coach, and can help moms and dads find that calm at home.

I’m on a journey to finding my best healthy body and would love to help others figure out their best health practices as well. I would work with your doctor in helping you achieve your best nutrition and physical fitness.

I take great joy in helping others, specifically in seeing clients reach their goals. Your success is mine as well.